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saralena_ucf poems

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Пол: Женский
Знак зодиака: Козерог
Место: Orlando : FL : США

*her blog

Welcome to sarawrites. I have a passion for writing, so I thought I would share it with the blogosphere. I am an AD/PR major at UCF with hopes of going into the sports industry with interests in the social media field. Sarawrites is my series of blogs and one of my many experiments with social media. Enjoy!

For russian readers: these I want to make new theme wish foreign autor /Здесь я хочу начать новую тему с иностранным автором/

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Heart pounding,
Faint feeling,
Breath choking,
Limbs trembling,
Palms sweating,
Stomach curdling,
Joints cringing,
Knees buckling.

And that’s just at the thought of you.

June 20, 2010

sleeping with spiders

I have an uneasiness brewing in my veins that has overwhelmed me with the wickedness of the bleeding progress of our species.

I have a sordid inclination that leads me toward believing that if I sleep with my eyes closed that spiders will crawl inside me and gnaw at my organs from the inside out.

I have an irrational fear that if I tried to tell you how lovely you are that you’d laugh heartily in my face only before taking another shot of Jack.

I have a hunch that you are never coming back to this town, to this bed, to this love. And that’s okay because I’m better off sleeping with spiders.

June 7, 2010

this is goodbye

I watch,
as the beast tears
your flesh from the bone.

While the blood gushes
from your countless wounds,
I scream in silence
as you’re being eaten alive.

A mix of blood and saliva
drips off the teeth of the beast,
into your eyes,
blinding you.

Snarling and shredding of skin,
The beast has taken you over;
there is no return, for it has begun
to claw at your heart and brain.

All I can do is watch,
as the beast is set to devour you;
you could get away,
if only you’d try.

But no, you’re not a victim,
you're quite content with being eaten alive.
I’ll leave you now, just like she’ll leave your rotting carcass
when she’s done sucking you dry.

May 22, 2010



in an instant

Sweetness seeps from your pores.
I soak you up, a setting sun.
Your bronzed skin crawls over my pale limbs.
Come to me, you say, with sweet, whiskey breath.
You let me fall into your chest.
I can hear your heart beating,
Thuh-thump, thuh-thump.
I could get lost in your reverie.

Leave me here with you, now.
Let this moment last a little longer,
If only it be for an instant.
Find me holding on,
Cherishing it to the last nano-second
of time only to find that I am still here
just holding on.

Wrap your arms around my tattooed frame.
Run your fingers through my hair,
As I smile into your loving eyes,
This will only last a minute.

May 21, 2010

please, don't wake me

I’m glad I’m a dreamer:
one last chance to see you again.
Right in front of me, tall and thin,
smiling in my direction.
Grab hold of my hand, tight;
twirl me around in the glowing air.

I open my eyes to the sunrise,
a beautiful sight, I’m sure,
but nothing compared to your eyes,
to your touch, your love.
Pieces of me floating through space;
I make it through the day
to get to the night,
one last time with you.

I’m glad I’m a dreamer:
I get to hear your voice.
You talk to me, you love with me.
Nights are cold,
when you’re lonely and forgotten.
Lost in a world of subconscious,
please, don’t wake me.

May 20, 2010

love poem

i want to write a song for you,
but the words just don't seem right.
phrases keep fighting in my mind,
a lover's quarrel i'm sure.

pen to paper, pen to paper,
crumpled, then gone. start again.
this is no writer's block;
i've been choking on half-chewed chords for days.

you've filled me up with emotion,
my mind is overflowing
with words i want to write
but i just can't find the words.

curse you, indescribable hope,
undeniable feeling, cryptic love.
be gone, once more,
so i can write again.

May 19, 2010


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